3D printer


3D Tabletop printing system

High resolution 3D lithographic laser system, the Dilase 3D offers the possibility to work in 3 dimensions with a resolution of 5µm. It allow to write on all type of substrate (semi-conductor, glass, polymer, crystal, thin film…) on a surface expendable up to 100 x 100 mm, and a thickness of 50mm .

We offer an ultra high precision Dilase 3D SLA printer with highest resolution at 5 micron. This is suitable for microfluidics, surface structuration, and micromechanics. To learn more about specification, click here


Kloé has developped a new approach in 3D printing through its knowledge in laser photolithography. Kloé offers a high resolution 3D printing tool (<10µm) currently unique on the market. Dilase 3D enables to conceive high resolution objects with a great volume (100 x 100 x 50mm³).

This new equipment has been developped in partnership with LAAS-CNRS Renatech lab. LAAS-CNRS particulary developped the process to realise hight quality 3D microfluidics and biotech devices.

Sample applications this machine can do: Click here
  • Linear writing speed : up to 50mm/s
  • Address grid : 100nm
  • Repeatability : 100nm
  • Accepted wafers : 1 to 4 inches
  • Accepted substrate thickness : from 250µm to 10mm
  • Laser beam width (1 or 2) : from 1µm to 50µm
  • Aspect ratio : minimum 10
  • Dimensions : 545 x 795 x 853 mm
  • Available laser sources : 375nm or 405nm
  • Accepted files format : STL
  • Motorized focal length
  • integrated design software: 3D Slicer and Dilasesoft V.2
  • Two wrinting modes : vectorial and scanning.